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Navigating the Special Education World

& Finding Educational Solutions as Unique as Your Child!

Welcome, I am Becca Del Real. I am Learning Behavior Specialist, Educational Consultant, Special Education Teacher, Mentor Teacher, and Master IEP Coach. 

I have sat on both sides of the IEP table. I know what it takes to advocate for a child's best interest and how to develop IEPs that prepare a child for their current education, as well as future employment  independent living. 

I spend my life focused on all things special education so you can focus on what is important, your child. 

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About Me

Educational Consulting

Hi, I am Becca!

I am a Therapeutic Special Education Teacher, Educational Consultant, and Master IEP Coach. 

I have been working with individuals with disabilities for over a decade, but have been a teacher for 7 years. 

I specialize in all things Therapeutic Day School. I have helped students transition to and from separate day placements. During my 7 years in teaching I have experienced theraputic day, self contained classrooms, cluster programs, co-teaching, and  resource classrooms. Having experience in so many different setting has allowed me to develop a unique set of skills that helps me understand a wide range of disabilities and apply many strategies.

  Because I have sat on both sides of the IEP table, I am uniquely qualified of to help families understand their child's IEP and understand how successful strategies can be applied in the home. Every families journey is different and my strategy is to meet you were you are at and guide you to a place that you feel that your child is building a educational career that prepares that them for the future.


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